How To Choose A Martial Art To Get Trained In

You must have seen many clips in movie where the hero tries to save a kid or his girl friend from the enemies just by using few martial art techniques. The hero would be empty handed but he would be able to win over his foes. Find more info on here are the best fitness practices.

Why people choose martial arts?

Some people get impressed with such movie clips and they try to learn some martial arts. They are not the only people who like to learn this art.
People who like to learn it as a part of entertainment, fun and studies.

People who like to learn it for self defence

People who learn it for their profession

People who like to maintain their body

Whether it is learnt as part of your self-defence course or for fitness or for any purpose, it has to be properly learnt.

Confused on which martial art you should choose?

Before learning any martial art, you must first know about which martial art to choose. You should not choose one just because you were asked to choose it or just because your friend chose it. There are few points to be considered for choosing martial arts. Before even choosing one, you have to know what types of martial arts are learnt. There are number of martial arts that are popular. Some of them are used for fitness, some are used for self-defence and there are also martial arts that use weapons. Few amon them are

Karate from Japan

Muay Thai from Thailand

Jiu Jitsu from Japan

Krav Maga from Israel

Kung fu from China

These are only very few martial arts that are listed above. Browse through some websites to know more about them in detail.

Choose the best One

Once you know about the martial arts that are available, it is time for you to choose the best one for you. Here are the important points you have to consider for choosing the best one for you
Decide on why you need to learn the martial art. There could be many reasons for one to learn a martial art. It could turn your weakness to strength; it could boost your confidence level. If you are fitness freak then you can also opt for it. Think slowly and decide on why you need to learn it.

For example,
Jiu Jitsu for self defence

Kung fu-for physical maintenance

Taekwondo for self control and discipline

These are only examples. It is not necessary that you have to choose only the specified art for the specified reason. There are number of arts for a single chosen reason. You have to explore more to choose a particular martial art or can also learn a combination. Once you decide on the reason, figure out which styles of martial art do you want to focus on? There are various styles that are in practice.
Some art focus on kicking, some on striking and some focus on grappling.

There are martial arts that use weapons like knife, stick and similar ones.

There are also martial arts that include soft techniques like breathing exercise, meditation and chi- disruption. Choose a style that you are interested and suits you good. You need not go with the weapon style if you are not interested in risky arts. If you are interested more on relaxing your mind, you can go with the one that involves breathing exercise and meditation.

Here are some of the arts and the styles used in it

Kick boxing - punches, kicking

Karate- open hand techniques, kicking, punching

Aikido- joint locks and other grappling technique

Judo, wrestling-Throws, takedown

Kendo, Kobudo, Fencing- weapon based

There is no hard and fast rule that states that a particular art is better. Every art has its own pros and cons. Once you decide on the style of martial art you are going to learn, choose one that suits you good. If you have long legs and hands, you can be good in certain martial art. Research and narrow down your search that can suit you best. If you are with a stout body and you like to reduce your size, then choose accordingly. Once you have decided on what would suit you good, choose the best school and start learning them. Planning to make your body and mind fit? Start learning martial arts.


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